Business Protection

Plan to manage financial risk

Have you quantified the financial impact if you lost a valued member of your business due to their unexpected death or serious illness?

Start planning now for positive outcomes

Business continuity priority

Key person protection

Replacing lost profit and cost of recruitment and training

When a major profit contributor of your business dies, or falls seriously ill, business continuity becomes high priority - and, more often than not, the only thing that will help is money.

Business succession planning

Partner with bad credit

Staying in control and ensure beneficiaries get fair value

Without business succession planning, such as a business will, the death of a shareholder could have dire consequences for the remaining shareholders and the beneficiaries alike.

Loan settlement option

Partner with bad credit

Avoid creditor challenges and demands due to impact on goodwill

When creditors hear of a death of a major figure within a client business they, understandably, start to get nervous about repayments possibly resulting in a change in credit terms.

Why use Lawrie Mortgages?

Whole of market

Lawrie Mortgages is a whole of market protection adviser

Being whole of market means, through thoroughly understanding your business and potential financial risks, we can source the most suitable policy for you and your business protection needs at the most competitive price.

No charge for advice

We do not make any additional charge for the advice we give

Our charge for advice is covered by the life office who provides the life policy for your business protection structure. We do not make any additional charge and, what's more, you are under no obligation to take our advice.